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::: Bank Bumi Arta - Teman Anda Dalam Usaha :::
 Whistle Blowing
In order to prevent operational deviation and Banking Crime, especially Fraud, which can cause Customer and Bank financial loss, it is required to create a comprehensive and detailed anti-Fraud strategy in application of anti-Fraud strategy as effort to raise the effectiveness of internal management and reduce the Fraud risk.
Application of anti-Fraud strategy is in the same root as Application of Risk Management especially Internal Management System, and Good Corporate Governance. The application must be the main attention and culture in every aspect of Bank Bumi Arta organization, either in Management or in Employees.
Fraud is an act of deviation or intentional omission to deceive, trick, or manipulates Bank, customer or other parties, that happen in Bank environment and/or that uses the Bank's services which can cause Bank, customer, or other parties financial loss and/or the Fraud's perpetrator to gain financial profit either directly or indirectly.
The types of acts that are classified as Fraud are :
-  Embezzlement
-  Information Leak
-  Banking Crime
-  Conflict of Interest
-  Bribery
-  Non-Ethical Act
-  and the others infringement.
Anti-Fraud Strategy is the strategy to anticipate against the fraud that emphasize on the process of Fraud by observing the characteristics and the potential of Fraud. This strategy is comprehensively arranged and implemented in the form of Fraud Control.
Whistleblower (also written as whistle-blower or whistle blower) is a person who exposes any kind of information or activity that is deemed illegal, unethical, or not correct within an organization that is either private or public.
Whistleblowing is the act of perceiving a wrongdoing, unethical activity or another act that harm an organization or authority figure by an employee or organization leader to the authority. Misconduct and threat against public interest in an organization also counts as activity highlighted by whistleblowers.
Investigation is the study of fact, used to identify, locate and prove the guilt of an accused employee or organization. The fact is often submitted via the Whistleblowing System.
Four Eyes Principle is the rules design to achieve a high level of security on an operation. Under this rules, all actions must be authorized by more than one authorized individual at all times. This can prevent errors and make it more difficult to commit fraud or embezzlement.
The Purpose
Whistleblowing can be use as a foundation for Bank to create an effort to control the Fraud, either by prevention or detecting also by investigating and strengthen the system.
Whistleblowing System
Whistleblowing report can be submitted to this email address : whistleblowing@bankbba.co.id
Protection for the Whistleblower
Bank Bumi Arta is commited to give protection for the Whistleblower which include :
Assurance for the secrecy of whistleblower's identity and content of the report(s).
Safeguard against act(s) that can harm the whistleblower.
Assurance against the possibility of threats, intimidations, and penalty also unpleasant act from the reported individual.
::: Bank Bumi Arta - Teman Anda Dalam Usaha :::
::: Bank Bumi Arta - Teman Anda Dalam Usaha :::