::: Bank Bumi Arta - Teman Anda Dalam Usaha :::
::: Bank Bumi Arta - Teman Anda Dalam Usaha :::
 Profile of Bank Bumi Arta (BBA)
Establishment of Bank Bumi Arta
Bank Bumi Arta which was originally named Bank Bumi Arta Indonesia was established in Jakarta on March 3, 1967 with the Operational Headquarter at Jalan Tiang Bendera III No. 24, West Jakarta.
Merger with Bank Duta Nusantara
On September 18, 1976, Bank Bumi Arta obtained the permission from the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia to merge its business with Bank Duta Nusantara. The merger aimed to strengthen the capital structure, the Bank's management, and expand the network of the Bank's operations. Eight branches of Bank Duta Nusantara in Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Surakarta, Surabaya, Yogyakarta and Magelang became the branch offices of Bank Bumi Arta. The branch offices in Yogyakarta and Magelang were then transferred to Medan and Bandar Lampung up to this day.
Exchange Bank
Subsequently, along with Government policy within the October Package (PAKTO) of 1988 in which banks were given greater opportunities to expand their businesses, and due to the long preparations and instructions from the manager of the Bank, on August 20, 1991 with the approval of Bank Indonesia, Bank Bumi Arta was upgraded to a foreign exchange bank. Bank Bumi Arta started to independently perform foreign exchange transactions at the Operational Headquarter at Jalan Roa Malaka Selatan since December 2, 1991 and up to this day the network of international correspondent banks of Bank Bumi Arta embraces approximately 130 banks in different continents around the world.
Change of Name
On June 10, 1992, the Operational Headquarter of Bank Bumi Arta moved from Jalan Roa Malaka Selatan No. 12-14, Jakarta Barat to Jalan Wahid Hasyim No. 234, Jakarta Pusat. To facilitate the introduction of our Bank to the community, on September 14, 1992 with the permission of the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Indonesia, the name Bank Bumi Arta Indonesia was changed to Bank Bumi Arta.
Bank Bumi Arta Goes Public
To strengthen the capital structure, the Bank's operations and with a more professional and transparent bank management, based on the principle of Good Corporate Governance and Risk Management, on June 1, 2006 Bank Bumi Arta carried out an Initial Public Offering (IPO) by listing its shares in The Jakarta Stock Exchange amounted to as many as 210,000,000 shares or 9.10% of the issued shares, hence since then Bank Bumi Arta became a publicly listed company.
::: Bank Bumi Arta - Teman Anda Dalam Usaha :::
::: Bank Bumi Arta - Teman Anda Dalam Usaha :::