::: Bank Bumi Arta - Teman Anda Dalam Usaha :::
::: Bank Bumi Arta - Teman Anda Dalam Usaha :::
 e-Personal BBA
e-Personal BBA is an Online Banking Facility using Internet Banking technologies that given to Bank Bumi Arta Customer personally for convenient, comfort, and safety banking transaction from their own smartphone or personal computer everywhere anytime.
Advantages of e-Personal BBA
1.  Flexible : The facility can be reach by anyone without knowing region boundaries and time as long as connected to the internet.
2.  Thrifty : Saving time and cost for every banking transaction without have to go to Bank.
3.  Safety : Using 3 factor of security, which is Password, MPIN and TPIN.
4.  Simple : No need to install any software, e-Personal BBA can directly use for transaction.
5.  Effective & Efficient : Having so many feature in one access that simplify your banking transaction.
6.  Modern Technologies : e-Personal BBA adopted modern technologies that makes your banking transaction more easy with safety way.
Features of e-Personal BBA
1.  Account Information(Registered account only)
• Inquiry Information (Saving, Current, Time Deposit, Loan)
• View Last Transaction
• View History Transaction
• Exchange Rate
2.  Transaction
• Fund Transfer
  - Transfer to Own Account
  - Transfer to Bank Bumi Arta
  - Transfer to Other Bank
  - Favorite Transaction
• Payments
      -Postpaid Cellular
          1. Indosat
          2. Telkomsel
          3. XL
      -Virtual Account BBA
      -Gas PGN
      -Postpaid PLN
      -Internet & TV Cable
          1. Telkom
          2. Indihome
          3. My Republic Retail
          1. Ketenagakerjaan
          2. Kesehatan
          1. Lion Air
          1. ITC Fatmawati
          2. ITC Cempaka Mas
• Purchases
      -Prepaid Cellular
          1. Indosat
          2. Telkomsel
          3. XL/Axis
      -Prepaid PLN
      -Data Cellular
          1. Telkomsel
      -Top Up
          1. OVO
          2. GoPay
3.  Additional Feature
• Account Management
  - Register Destination Account
  - Register Destination Other Bank Account
  - Manage Destination Account
  - Account Visibility
• My Data
  - Change Password
  - Change T-Pin
  - Change Profile
  - Favorite Menu Setting
  - Transaction Limit Setting
• Transaction Record
  - Success Transaction
  - Failed Transaction
• Calculator
Securities of e-Personal BBA
e-Personal BBA gives you extra guaranteed safety such as :
1.  Phone Number that registered before became the identity of the customer.
2.  Destination Account for transfer must be registered before the transaction.
3.  Using 3 securities, to Login the e-Personal BBA you must have a Password and every transaction you must enter the MPIN and TPIN.
4.  Using Secure Socket Layer technology (SSL).
Safety Transaction Tips with e-Personal BBA
The growth of information technology which is getting faster, has also raises more banking crimes committed by irresponsible parties with various modes and motives, such as Phising, Malware, Key Logger, Spoofing, Cybersquatting and many more. Surely of course this is very detrimental to customer. Therefore, the customer itself must always aware and careful in every banking transaction.
Things that must be considered while doing banking transaction with e-Personal BBA :
1.  Make sure to access e-Personal BBA from our official website : https://epersonal.bankbba.co.id
2.  Make sure your Character Validation appear correctly every time you login to e-Personal BBA.
3.  Keep your ATM Card safe.
4.  DO NOT give any kind of information that confidential such as User ID, Password, ATM PIN, MPIN and TPIN and also your OTP SMS to anyone including any parties on behalf P.T. Bank Bumi Arta Tbk.
5.  Change your Password, ATM PIN and TPIN regularly.
::: Bank Bumi Arta - Teman Anda Dalam Usaha :::
::: Bank Bumi Arta - Teman Anda Dalam Usaha :::