::: Bank Bumi Arta - Teman Anda Dalam Usaha :::
::: Bank Bumi Arta - Teman Anda Dalam Usaha :::
 Tabungan Berjangka Super BBA (TangKaS BBA)
BBA TangKaS is a savings deposit in which the customer can choose the initial deposit, monthly deposits and term options that have been set by the Bank
Tabungan Berjangka Super has several types of options that can be directly selected by savers
At the end of the investment period the customer will obtain a return on investment as planned
Free to determine the period of savings and investment types that corresponds to the Bank offers
Free administrative fees and the fee of closing the account
Free to choose the date of the monthly auto debit
Customers may open more than one account
Appealing fixed interest rate
1.  Specialized for Indonesian citizens of at least 17 years
2.  Opening a joint account or an account representative (QQ) is prohibited
3.  Must have BBA Savings Account / BBA Tabungan Kesra as the primary account
4.  Main account should not be closed as long as the BBA TangkaS account is active
5.  The BBA TangkaS account cannot be used for customer transactions. Monthly deposit to be deposited into the main account
6.  At maturity the entire outstanding balance of the BBA TangkaS Savings will be credited to the main account
Terms and Conditions
1.  If the cashing happens before the due date, the account will be charge with a fee equals to the starting balance.
2.  If there is no deposit in 2 (two) months, Tangkas BBA account will be closed and charged with a penalty fee.
3.  Return Policy :
a.  Bank will help to exchange the returned item if the claim is within 1 (one) work day after the receiving date.
b.  After the 1 (one) work day, the return can be done by Service Center.
Documents Required
Fill out and Sign :
1.  Customer Data Form
2.  Application Form of Account Opening
3.  Sample Card of Signature
A copy of ID (ID Card/Driver’s License)
::: Bank Bumi Arta - Teman Anda Dalam Usaha :::
::: Bank Bumi Arta - Teman Anda Dalam Usaha :::